Release Notes - Ver 20.264 - March 3, 2024

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Domain authentication for internal communications

Totango admins can now use a custom domain for Totango email notifications delivered to internal team members (e.g., daily digests, task notifications). This practice is commonly referred to as "white labeling."

Previously, custom domain authentication covered system messages sent from Totango for external purposes (e.g., campaigns, touchpoints), but internal messages were not white labeled. Depending on each organization's security settings, this gap may have resulted in failed delivery of internal communications. This gap has now been filled.


Domain authentication for internal communications is optional. Internal and external domains may be the same, in which case it’s required to use custom DKIM. Read more.

Segmenting users by in-app experience

Totango In-App customers can now use "In-App" user filters within a Totango segment. What this means is that you can create segments of users based on how they’ve interacted with in-app experiences—such as viewed, completed, quit, etc.

In addition, you can use in-app user segmentation as target criteria for campaigns, SuccessPlays, and health profiles. Read more.

Use cases

Here are some powerful ways you could try this new feature:

  1. Target all users who didn't complete an onboarding tour for a campaign to get more training
  2. Create a list of users who did not engage with their renewal announcement in-app, and trigger a SuccessPlay to have the CSM on the account personally follow up.
  3. Automatically assign a task to follow up with any user who is a "Detractor" (e.g., responded to an NPS survey with a 0-6)

Bug Fixes 

[Bug Fix] Deleting an attribute used in a SuccessPlay action was possible. The issue is now resolved.

[Bug Fix] We removed reference to impact steps from the Timeline options.

[Bug Fix] Clicking "Save" on any opportunity segment changed the segment to private. The issue has been resolved.

[Bug Fix] When moving a SuccessPlay associated with an objective from one SuccessBLOC to another, we now remove the link between the SuccessPlay and objective, and the system displays a warning message.

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