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Who can use this feature?

Effective August 2022, any new customer to Totango, wishing to employ domain white labeling will be required to authenticate a requested domain using these steps. This requirement does not apply to customers who began their Totango subscriptions prior to August of 2022.

When sending emails from Totango via campaigns or external touchpoints, emails will have a default from address as (not .com). As a best practice, we recommend you update the default configuration to ensure emails are delivered from your own domain. Doing so ensures a higher open rate and that the receiver's mail system does not mark the email as SPAM.

To make these changes on your DNS, you must have administrative privileges to your DNS configuration. If you do not, reach out to your networking team or contact the person who owns the contract for your domain address within your organization. 

  1. From with Settings, click Customer Engagement > Domain Authentication.
  2. Enter your domain name.
  3. Configure advanced settings:
    • Use custom dkim: If your organization already uses SendGrid and the 's1' prefix is already taken, you can check the "Use custom DKIM and provide a different prefix than 's1'.
    • Use custom sub-domain: If you want to use a custom subdomain, use this option so the system can provide the right DNS records based on subdomain that is entered. For example, if your domain is and your custom domain is mails, the mailed-by is
    • Use manual security: If your DNS provider does not accept underscores in CNAME records, use this option to have Totango generate 1MX and 2 TXT records to be added to the domain hosting settings. Learn more from SendGrid.
  4. Click Save changes.
  5. Update your domain registrar with records and data that are presented to you by Totango. Your domain registrar is the service provider or host of your company's domain/website.
  6. Click Validate when you've updated your domain registrar via Totango.
  7. Once all updates are validated the white labeling is on. Totango will check your DNS records for relevant values.

Depending on your DNS provider, changes you make may take up to 24h to propagate through the Internet. Some AdBlock Plus browser add-on filter subscriptions might block some areas of the campaign settings. Known filters are Fanboy's Social Blocking List.


Question: What email delivery service (EDS) do you use?

Answer: We use SendGrid.

Question: What if we already use SendGrid?

Answer: A custom DKIM is what allows you to use Sendgrid with multiple solutions.

Question: Is Totango DMARC Compliant?

Answer: DMARC is configured on the customer side. You can find more information at:

CommScope enables the DMARC stage-"enforcement" for our domains. This DMARC stage instructs receiving email servers to send any unauthorized (DMARC non-compliant) emails from a CommScope domain into the recipients’ spam folders or quarantine the emails. As a result, if external email services do not collaborate with our CommScope NSO team to establish compliance, the emails sent by this service will be quarantined by other companies receiving email servers and handled as “Spam or Junk.”


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