Formula: Customer health summary report

Who can use this feature?

  • Users who can view items within published SuccessBLOCs (per team) 
  • See more for advanced permissions, including who can and edit items, invite collaborators to, and publish SuccessBLOcs
  • Available on all plans

Use the following suggested report to summarize current customer health status and trends.

Report details

Create a monthly report to visualize the following:

  • The current breakdown of Good/Average/Poor health customers
  • How many cancellations did we recently have and how does that compare to the past? 
  • Are we trending up or down in terms of health? 
  • Do we have health related challenges with customers in a particular plan? A particular lifecycle stage or product? 
  • Are some of my team members overloaded with poor health customers that require more attention? 

The goal of the report is to identify problem areas in order to take corrective actions, such as managing resources and/or launching campaigns for areas of impact. 

Add a cohort breakdown by the account creation date to review at progress against cohorts of users, to see if newer generation of customers are showing better signs of health due to product or customer success efforts

Finally, add breakdowns based on success manager, contract value, or other factors to indicate where there are hot-spots of poor customers.

Other suggestions

You may want to further customize this report by:

  • Add or remove breakdowns. For example, breakdown by plan, product type or any other attribute that relates to your customer-base 
  • Create separate reports for different types of customers. For example, a separate report for Enterprise and SMB customers. 

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