Formula: Weekly review meeting report

Who can use this feature?

  • Users who can view items within published SuccessBLOCs (per team) 
  • See more for advanced permissions, including who can and edit items, invite collaborators to, and publish SuccessBLOcs
  • Available on all plans

Use the following suggested report to facilitate your weekly customer review meetings. Quickly review account status updates for key accounts.

Report details

Create a weekly report to visualize the following:

During the meeting, click on the number of accounts to view the list of accounts in the segment.

In the account list dialog, you can click on "Go To Segment" to display the content of the segment. 

Review breakdowns on the bottom to see how the different segments divide by Success Manager and Status of accounts. 

Click on any name to filter the report to that person or segment. 

Other suggestions

You may want to further customize this report by:

  • Add or remove segments of interest. For example, if you'd like to track a new segment of customers or remove one of the defaults
  • Add or remove breakdowns. For example, if you have important attributes by which you typically review customers
  • Create a separate weekly report for accounts in different plans (e.g. Enterprise vs. Standard edition). This is useful if your customer base is large and you have different teams (and team standup meetings!) for each

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