Configure general settings and trusted domains

Who can use this feature?

Configure general settings for your Totango account from Settings > General.

Configure email notifications

  • Task and SuccessPlay: Enable or disable system notifications whenever a Totango user is assigned to a task. Disabling email notifications does not affect the notification from appearing in My Portfolio.
  • Level of detail: If email notifications are enabled, choose Detailed (all information) or Brief (no sensitive information). This setting excludes emails sent by users via Totango.

Configure financial year settings

Choose the option for financial year, which determines behavior for Revenue Center and revenue-related filters. The system defaults to January of the current year. 

  • Start of year
  • Current financial year

Configure query options for Campaigns and SuccessPlays

Choose to enable / disable campaigns and SuccessPlays from other teams from appearing in the Totango search bar.

Scan for virus on upload

Enable automatic virus scan for all assets uploaded to SuccessBLOCs or account profiles. Totango team members cannot upload any files that fail a virus scan. Scanning is provided by

Share customer information only with trusted domains

Totango Shield protects your customer information. Optionally limit sharing via Zoe share and segment triggers only to domains (also known as a domain whitelist).


Trusted recipients can still forward information from their own inboxes.

Enable system browser scripts

Enable session recording or a walkthrough script. Supported walkthrough scripts templates are:{application-id}/walkme_{application-id}_https.js{application-id}/embed/embed.nocache.js

Replace {application-id} with your own application ID.

Block archived accounts

Automatically add accounts to the blocked account list when they are archived. When enabled, newly archived accounts will be blocked. Any archived accounts prior to enabling automatic blocking will not automatically be blocked.

  • When automatic blocking is enabled, archived accounts will no longer be synced from external data sources. Admins can manually unblock accounts from Data Management > Archive if needed.
  • When automatic blocking is not enabled, accounts will get restored if synced again from an external data source. Admins can manually block accounts or permanently delete them from Data Management > Archive.


Question: How do I change the currency in my instance?

Answer: Currency is managed by the Contract Value attribute within Data Modeler. Click to view the attribute properties, and choose from the available currency options.

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