Release Notes - Ver 20.268 - May 6, 2024

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Totango In-App for EU

Totango customers in the EU can now use Totango In-App. Customers in the EU should refer to the installation script that specifies region: "eu". Read more ➡

Bug fixes

The following issues have been resolved:

[Bug Fix] The date selector started on "Monday" due to a regression. The date selector now starts on Sunday again.

[Bug Fix] Some regular users were unable to edit or delete touchpoints previously created in the timeline, due to the UUID feature. This issue has been resolved.

[Bug Fix] Attempting to copy a SuccessBloc from one team to another was not functioning properly if the copied campaigns or SuccessPlays contained canvas labels. The issue has been resolved.

[Bug Fix] Touchpoint Connect for Outlook temporarily did not allow creation of new touchpoints due to Microsoft software changes. The issue has been resolved. 

[Bug Fix] When exporting a Totango Users segment with added columns, the file was empty. The issue has been resolved.

[Bug Fix] Some disabled users still had permissions to create touchpoints using the email-to-touchpoint feature. The issue has been resolved.

[Bug Fix] An account that had previously been archived retained the original user as the archiver, even if a different user archived the account later. This issue has been resolved.

[Bug Fix] The "Touchpoint external participant" filter did not function properly when the value was set to "No." The issue has been resolved.

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