Release Notes - Ver 20.265 - March 10, 2024

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Introducing Report Builder: Your essential tool for data insight

Discover a faster way to craft custom reports with Report Builder! Here are some of the unique benefits you'll find in this new version of custom reports:

Build reports faster

Build faster with one-click chart duplication and a drag-and-drop interface

Streamline data focus

Streamline data focus with on-they-fly global filters, without having to edit the core report

Correlate multiple data points

Visualize trend over time or other x-axis data point with flexible chart components

Multi-task with segment previews

Add notes and make account updates without leaving the report

Getting started in this open beta is easy—simply refresh your Totango instance and head to the "Reports" tab of any SuccessBLOC. While users without customer report permissions won't initially see new reports until you create them, their default experience will seamlessly transition from displaying "Legacy Reports" to "Custom Reports."

Admins can optionally disable this gated feature from Settings.

For a deeper dive into functionality, learn more.

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