Release Notes - Ver 20.262 - February 4, 2024

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Integrate collection, task, and touchpoint data into any BI tool

Save time and improve data visibility by automatically generating CSV files and pushing them to SFTP folders and S3 buckets on a recurring basis. Read more

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Compliance with anti-spam measures

To adhere to requirements set by Google and Yahoo, Totango now prevents users from using or in FROM field (Campaigns). 

Gong integration: Update to import calls behavior 

Once the job is active (after the initial sync), Totango Import all events that were created between 12:00:01AM yesterday and sync time. Read more

Bug Fixes 

[Bug Fix] When a text has a link populated with dynamic data retrieved from the account property, special characters or spaces are incorrectly included in the URL when previewing or sending to the user. The issue is now resolved.

[Bug Fix] An inconsistency is observed in the display of the due date between the task segment and timeline. The issue is now resolved.

[Bug Fix] Special characters in the description of the segment got converted. The issue is now resolved.

[Bug Fix] In certain cases, account display name would not update in accordance with the account_name attribute. The issue is now resolved.

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