Connect your Outlook calendar to Totango

Who can use this feature?

If enabled by your administrator, you can optionally connect your Outlook calendar with Totango. Syncing your meetings with tasks reduces time for manual entry.

Once connected, the integration will:

  1. Automatically find any meetings with your Totango contacts in the next 30 days.
  2. Create a corresponding task in Totango for each upcoming meeting.
  3. Sync changes from Outlook calendar into Totango, such as a meeting getting rescheduled,

Your Totango administrator must first enable the integration in your Totango account. You must also have an Outlook365 account to use this integration.

Create an Outlook calendar connection

You can connect/disconnect your Outlook calendar anytime within your Totango user profile

  1. From within Totango, click your profile icon and choose Edit Profile.
  2. From the Integration tab, locate the Outlook Calendar option, and click Connect.

    A new browser tab prompts you to sign into your Microsoft account.
  3. Enter your sign in credentials.
  4. Accept requested permissions.
  5. When successful, the integration in Totango will be listed as "Connected."
  6. Click Save or X to close your Totango profile.

Going forward, Totango will start creating tasks for events scheduled on your calendar in the next 30 days that have a Totango contact associated.


  • Only events with >= 1 matching Totango contact on the invite list will be synced.
  • The calendar event owner is always the owner of the task.
  • If the calendar event owner is not a Totango team member, no task will be createdeven if there is a Totango team member on the invite list.

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