Understand opportunity profiles

Who can use this feature?

An opportunity profile is a single page view of a reserved "Opportunity" account type. Use an opportunity profile to track activity and view recent updates on an opportunity.

Key areas of an opportunity profile

The widgets included in an opportunity profile can vary, depending on how your administrator configures the layout. The most common areas include:

  • Profile banner: Access all related parent and sub-accounts. Displays opportunity name and level in the hierarchy within a breadcrumb trail

    Opportunities cannot be parents in the account hierarchy. If your opportunity is associated with a "Product" account typeor any account that has productsthe opportunity record will not be viewable at all levels in the hierarchy navigation. Navigate from the Opportunities widget within the parent profile instead.

  • Overview tab: See snapshots of information about the opportunity.  
    • Profile header: View key data points, recent changes, or all attributes (also provides a history of changes). Attributes with no value do not appear on the Key Info tab. 
    • Medium widgets: Get insights into opportunity performance, including Status, Health, Value Metrics, and other widgets that may apply to the opportunity

      Consider using a custom opportunity flow for your teams to use for opportunity-related tasks and touchpoints for quick visibility from the Status widget into last activity.

    • Sidebar widgets: View activity streams and more, such as Open Tasks, Timeline, Account (Opportunity) Assignment, Contacts, Assets, Tags, Campaigns Summary.
  • Timeline tab: See historical activity for the opportunity, including touchpoints, campaigns, and more.
  • Plan tab: Prioritize and complete tasks, create success plans, and manage objectives.
  • Usage tab: View utilization of your customers' utilization of your products via a stream of events per user and module/activity.
  • Assets tab: View and add supportive attachments or links related to the opportunity (e.g., proposals, quotes, etc.). Use assets to share documents internally with your team.

    The maximum file size is 50MB. Supported file types, such as PDF, XLSX, PPTX, DOCX, images, and more. Excluded file types include the following (for security reasons): .EXE, .BAT, .JS. 

  • Quick Actions bar (+): Find shortcuts to common opportunity-related actions, depending on your permissions: Touchpoint, task, asset, objective, SuccessPlay, request information, generate presentation.

What you need to know

  • Contract value and other details typically are not captured at the opportunity level
  • Admins can decide which teams can view opportunities.
  • Admins can customize layout by account type and/or team.

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