Create opportunity segments

Who can use this feature?

Use opportunity segments to create lists or groups of opportunities. Opportunity segments work just like account segments with a few exceptions.

Create a new opportunity segment

Create an opportunity segment from the main search bar. You can also create new opportunity segments from any SuccessBLOC (Segments tab), the quick actions menu from the My Portfolio or account profile views, within the Global SuccessBLOC, or by copying an existing segment.

  1. Click the down arrow inside the search bar at the top of Totango.
  2. From the segment window, choose the grouping of opportunity records you would like to segment on (e.g., All opportunity types or by a particular opportunity type).
  3. A new Untitled segment opens. 
  4. Add filters to refine the list of results. Opportunity filters are under the Opportunity dimension, or start typing the opportunity data point you'd like to filter by.

    Not all account and user filters may apply to opportunity records. Suggested filters include Health Rank (account), Direct Parent (account), Account Role (user), Is in/not in segment (account), Conversion Likelihood (account), and attributes within the Touchpoint (collection) and Work dimension (account).

  5. When you click the data point you want to use, a new window opens to choose the filter conditions. Values and options vary, depending on the type. Click Apply Filter when ready.
  6. The list of matching results appears. Continue adding filters and groups as needed. (See below for more details.)
  7. From the resulting data set, click Edit Columns to further refine the data shown the results.

    Not all account attributes may apply to opportunity records. Suggested columns include Health Rank (account), Direct Parent (account), Conversion Likelihood (account), and attributes within the Touchpoint (collection) and Work dimension (account).

  8. Click inside the segment name to rename and choose more properties.

    • Location: Save within a SuccessBLOC or personal folder (My Folder) within the My Portfolio view.
    • Privacy: Choose Public if you want the segment to visible to your teams when searching or using a shared location, such as a published SuccessBLOC. Segments saved to your personal folder are always private.
  9. Click Save.

Visit this article to learn more about these segment features:
- Save current view as default
- Apply multiple filters and groups to segments
- Export segment data


Question: What are known limitations of opportunity segments?

Answer: At this time, the following segment features are not available for opportunities:

  • User attributes in columns
  • Bulk edit / select
  • Triggers / tagging is not allowed
  • Running a SuccessPlay from segment view
  • Filter by account ownership or "group by"

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