Release Notes - Ver 20.242 - April 30, 2023

Use natural language text to create query filters for data import

Totango integrations with third party systems, like Salesforce and Microsoft Dynamics, now allow you to use natural language text to create query filters for data import. Read more


Enhanced text edit experience

We enhanced the text edit experience within segments. The new experience makes it easier than ever to iterate on your text notes. It has an expandable box, scroll feature, and character counter.


Update account attributes from a user segment

Now you can easily update account attributes from a user segment, enabling quick updates while working within segmentation.

Create personal access tokens

User API tokens are more secure than ever with this powerful enhancement. Users can now create multiple access tokens, name them, and set expiration dates. The token is available to edit (name and expiration) or delete if you need to revoke access. Read more


Create advanced User segment queries 

You can now use AND/OR logic and nested filters in Totango user segments. Read more

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