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Zoho CRM is a leading customer relationship management software that empowers many businesses globally to convert more leads, engage with customers, and grow their revenue.

With Totango's Zoho CRM connector, you can import Accounts, Users and data collections to Totango.

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Topics covered in this article: 

Creating Zoho CRM connection

In order to create a Zoho CRM connection in Totango, you need a Zoho CRM Client ID, Client Secret and Zoho API domain.

Please follow these steps:

First, you need to create a Zoho CRM oAuth app and get the Client ID and Client Secret:

  1. Login to Zoho developer console: on Add ClientScreenshot_2021-10-26_at_23.01.26.png
  2. Chose Server-based ApplicationsScreenshot_2021-10-04_at_23.11.46.png
  3. Fill these fields:

    Click the CREATE button

  4. Now you can copy the Client ID and Client Secret fields
  5. Zoho API Domain

    Detailed information on how to find the API domain is here 

    The various domains and their respective API domain URLs are:

      • US:
      • AU:
      • EU:
      • IN:
      • CN:

6. Paste the Client id, Client secret and API domain into the Totango connection window:



Importing data from Zoho CRM to Totango

Importing data from Zoho CRM to Totango is easy:

First, choose the data type you want to import and then select the object and the object fields

and add the COQL query in the Query Filter field 

The COQL query filters the data from Zoho CRM that you want to import to Totango. Totango will execute the COQL query on your Zoho CRM account and import the data resulting from this query.

See here to learn more on COQL queries. 

Totango supports importing data from these Zoho CRM objects:

  • Accounts
  • Users (Contacts)
  • Collections (of Campaigns, Deals, Calls, etc.)

Mapping Templates

In order to make it easier and faster to import accounts (companies) or users (contacts) from Zoho CRM, we created mapping templates for these two objects that gives initial defaults when creating a new Zoho CRM integration job to:

  1. Object
  2. Object fields
  3. Query Filter
  4. Mapping to Totango of these fields

We use the most popular object fields and mapping. The customer can add or change the fields and the mapping.

The mapping template is loaded automatically when the user creates a new Zoho CRM Accounts or Users integration job.



Continue to load preview, mapping, scheduling and settings and click 'Save and Sync'



Best Practices and Known issues

1. It is possible to sync Totango attributes back to Zoho CRM with the write-back capability. See here

2. When working with custom objects in Zoho, Write-back will work only if the custom object name starts with a capital letter and all the other letters are small letters (E.g.: Custom)

3. Totango uses Zoho V2 APIs to import data into Totango. API limits depend on the customer Zoho license. more details are here.



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