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A "matching" refers to the mechanism in Customer Data Hub that manages key mappings between a source object and a target object within an integration. Totango allows only one object from the same connection to be connected to one Totango object. 


In some cases, you may have a new object that you want to sync with Totango. For example, you may want to keep only the most updated opportunity synced with Totango. The old opportunity can still exist if not deleted, but a new matching needs to be created within the integration.

You can resolve matching conflicts in two ways:

  1. Rebuild the matching for an integration and run a full sync immediately
  2. Enable automatic resolution of matching conflicts, which overrides the old object with the new object during the next integration job.

Rebuild matching for an integration (one-time)

The rebuild matching action deletes the existing matching between the objects, and it immediately starts full sync of the integration to rebuild the matching between the objects.

Once the rebuild matching is in progress, no write-back actions can be done.

  1. From Settings, expand Data Management > Customer Data Hub.
  2. Click on the connection you want to manage.
  3. Click the Ellipses (...) next to the relevant integration job for which you want to rebuild the matching, and click Rebuild Matching.
  4. Confirm that you want to invoke the rebuild process.

The job is denoted by a rebuild icon. Progress is updated in real time.

Rebuild matching for an integration (scheduled)

You can optionally rebuild objects matching on a scheduled bases for Salesforce, Hubspot, or MS Dynamics connections. Within the integration job, specify how often Totango should go into the source environment and grab all the data, regardless of whether it’s changed or not. If you’re doing an hourly job, we recommend running a full sync and rebuilding matching objects once a day.

Enable automatic resolution

Turn on the resolve matching conflicts option to automatically choose the recent matching over the existing one. This option will not trigger full a sync. Instead, it will override the existing matching ID with the new object ID in the next sync of this integration.

As this feature automatically resolve conflicts, use it carefully otherwise inconsistent data can sync to Totango on the recurring basis.

  1. From Settings, expand Data Management > Customer Data Hub.
  2. Click on the connection you want to manage.
  3. Open the integration job you want to manage.
  4. Within settings, turn on the option to Automatically resolve matching conflicts.
  5. Save the integration.

The most recent matching chooses the last updated object over the existing one in every sync. The integration will resolve all matching duplications and report it in the “Duplicate records” statistics (not errors). The integration status will be “Success” instead of “Partial Success.”

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