Use advanced query filtering in a Hubspot integration

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Hubspot's Search API allows for three filtering statements. Totango is only allowed to have two filter arguments through the UI. If the data needs more than this, or if you need to filter based on a different object, use a list, custom property, and workflow automation to flag the desired data to bring in.

Example: Import contacts on a company object

In this example, we examine how to bring over contacts from HubSpot based on company object values

1. Create a custom property

Create a custom property in Hubspot (see steps). The property needs to be on the desired object (e.g., contact object) and have a field type of "single checkbox."

2. Create a contact list

Create a contact list in Hubspot (see steps). Use the desired filtration criteria to generate your list. For this example, a contact-based list is created that filters on company properties.

3. Create a workflow

Create a workflow based on the object (see steps).

  1. Set the enrollment trigger to List membership and select your list.
  2. Select "is member of list.
  3. Click Apply filter and then click Save.
  4. Hit the “+” symbol to add a new action.
  5. Within the Choose an action panel find Set property value under Property management.
  6. Find your custom property and set the property value to “Yes” or “True”.
  7. Then select Review and publish in the top right-hand corner of the page.
  8. Ensure the Enrollment option of “Yes, enroll existing companies which meet the trigger criteria as of now” is selected.
  9. Lastly, turn on the workflow.

Now that the custom property is set for all entries within the object you can now use the query filter within your Totango HubSpot integration to filter on the custom property.

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