Share your Plan with account contacts in a customer portal



  • Simon De La Haye

    In the article above it states 'Clicking on the link automatically logs them into the portal and the link is active for 2 weeks' however in the screenshot directly below that and in the product itself it states that the link is active for just 2 hours. It would create a terribly poor experience for the customer if the link was only active for 2 hours as they'd need to go through the process of generating that link every time they want to revisit the objectives and tasks in the success plan.

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  • Vijay

    Hi Simon,

    Thank you for your comment. Once a user is logged in the session is active for 2 weeks. So the Invitation email that is sent to a customer contact when the account is shared is valid for 2 weeks.

    However subsequently once a user visits the portal link to login a temporary password is emailed to the user and this email (with the password) is valid for 2 hours. Customer contacts receive this when they enter their email address in the login page.

    We eliminated the need to remember another password. Hope this helps.



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