Share success plans with customer portal

Who can use this feature?

  • Sharing accounts with contacts requires permissions
  • Available on all plans

Customer portal is shared website where your customer contacts can view shared success plan objectives and track the progress in real-time. You can also assign tasks to customers. Sharing success plans with customers is optional.

For guided training, check out this video: Collaborating in Customer Portal (part Leading Customers to Success).

Global admins must first enable customer portal within Settings > Customer Engagement > Customer Portal.

Share a success plan with account contacts

Sharing a plan enables invited contacts to view the following:

  • Shared SuccessPlays, including plays without co-owners. If the play is associated with an objective, the objective name, description, and objective owner is also visible.
  • Tasks assigned to any contact on the account

Objectives are viewable if they include shared SuccessPlays. All tasks are viewable under a "To-Do's" heading, regardless of whether they are associated with an objective. Plan summaries are not viewable in customer portal.

  1. Open the Plan tab for the account you want to manage.
  2. Below the Plan Summary, click Share.
  3. In the Share Success Plan window, select the option to share the plan with account contacts.
  4. Optionally edit the account name that will appear in the customer portal.
  5. Optionally invite via email to send selected contacts an email with a link to access the portal.

    Alternatively, you include a link to the shared plan from a touchpoint at a later time.

  6. Click Share or Share & Invite (if inviting via email now).

The plan is marked as Shared. Click to unshare the plan or invite contacts via email at any time.


Click the Customer View link to see a preview of what the customer may see in customer portal when shared. Actual view may vary.

Share a SuccessPlay with account contacts

Sharing a SuccessPlay with account contacts allows the play to be included in customer portal (if the plan is shared). Additionally, shared plays include the option to assign an account contact as a named co-owner. A co-owner is not required, but it provides clarity for accountability, especially when working with multiple stakeholders.

  1. Open the Plan tab for the account you want to manage.
  2. Hover over any SuccessPlay, and click the Ellipses > Edit.
  3. Select Shared with account contacts.
  4. Once selected, an additional Co-Owner column appears in the play. Optionally select an account contact to share ownership of the play.
  5. Click Save.

If the plan is shared, any contact that has access to customer portal will see the shared play. No emails are sent to customer plays are shared or co-owners are assigned.

Assign a task to account contacts

Assigning tasks to a contact allows the person to complete tasks within customer portal. Contacts cannot make changes to task details. Once a tasks is marked complete, they cannot change it.

  1. Open the Plan tab for the account you want to manage.
  2. Hover over any task, and click the Ellipses > Edit.
  3. Set the Assigned to drop-down to an account contact.
  4. Click Save task.

If the plan is shared, any contact that has access to customer portal will see the task. No emails are sent to customer when tasks are assigned to them.

How customers access the portal

Customers access customer portal from an email invitation. You can send invitations from the Share link on the Plan tab or from a touchpoint. There is no need to provision customer accounts or perform additional setup to enable them to login.

The customer must be added as an account contact in order to get an invitation.

  • Clicking on the link from the email invitation automatically logs the customer into the portal.

    This link expires after one year.

  • After session inactivity, the portal allows the customer to enter their work email to re-enter. If this email matches the contact email on the account, the system sends them an email link and logs them in.

Consider providing this resource to customers with whom you share portal access: I've been invited to Totango's Customer Portalnow what?

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