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The Agenda tab within My Portfolio allows you to prioritize and complete tasks. All tasks across all teams are included. Optionally filter to see your upcoming tasks for the week, or see a look-back of completed tasks.

Use agenda filters

Filter tasks by the following:

  • Date Range: Filter date options by Day, Week, Month, Quarter, or custom.
  • Assigned: Filter by Assigned TO and Assigned BY options.
  • Task Status*: Filter by Open & Overdue, Completed, Overdue - Selected Time Period, Overdue - All Time, and Exceptions.
  • Flow: Filter by the flow applied to the tasks.
  • Full SuccessPlay: If in SuccessPlay view, show all tasks in the SuccessPlay that match the criteria.

*Choosing the "Select All" option will not display any result because it includes exceptions. Instead, select only the task statuses to see all tasks without exceptions.

As a team lead or manager, the Agenda view is helpful to reference during 1:1 meetings with your team. Filter by "Tasks assigned by me" or "Tasks assigned to a specific team member" to focus the discussion. 

Change agenda views

Group tasks in the Agenda view by SuccessPlay view or Task View.

SuccessPlay View

Focus on the overall objective and the plan for every customer rather than a task at a time.

  • View all the SuccessPlays where you are either the owner or an assignee
  • View overall progress of the SuccessPlay (number of tasks completed out of total tasks)
  • One-time tasks that are not part of any SuccessPlay are listed under the To-Do's group. 


Task View

Focus on the given set of tasks for the selected period.  

  • Customize your view by grouping, sorting and filtering the tasks
  • Tasks are grouped by the statuses selected (if any)



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