Configure campaign footer and unsubscribe pages

Who can use this feature?

  • Global admins, SuccessBLOC owners, and SuccessBLOC collaborators can override campaign settings on an individual basis
  • Global admins or users with advanced permissions can update campaign or team settings
  • Available on all plans

A campaign footer appears by default at the bottom of campaign emails and on the unsubscribe page. 

Customize the default footer

The footer appears by default on all campaign templates. Campaign designers can optionally remove the footer on a one-off basis.

  1. From Settings, go to Customer Engagement > Campaign Settings > Content.
  2. Edit the footer content using the formatting tools provided.

    An unsubscribe link is required in the default footer so that users have the option to opt out of receiving communications. The unsubscribe link directs users to your unsubscribe page.

    If you want the unsubscribe link to have a different font size from other text in the footer, set the font size before clicking to add the unsubscribe link.

  3. Optionally add a background color to the footer.
  4. Optionally add social icons to the footer. Only icons that have a link entered will appear in the footer.

    Social icons are also available to choose from as an individual design component.

  5. Optionally include links to your mobile apps.
  6. Optionally remove the Totango watermark from communications.

    Free and community accounts must upgrade to remove the Totango watermark.

  7. Click Save.

Customize the unsubscribe and resubscribe pages

When a users clicks on the unsubscribe link from an email (see above), they will be taken to your unsubscribe page. If the user re-subscribes, they will be taken to your resubscribe page.

mceclip1.png mceclip2.png

You can customize these pages using your own brand preferences from a Totango template or uploading custom HTML.

  1. From Settings, go to Customer Engagement > Campaign Settings > Unsubscribe Page.
  2. If using the Totango template, set the following options for each page:
    • Logo and size
    • Background color
    • Page footer
    • Body message and button style
  3. If uploading HTML, add your code into the box.
    • Ensure that your unsubscribe button has an id of "unsubscribeButton" (id="unsubscribeButton"), so that Totango can track it to unsubscribe the user.
    • Ensure that your resubscribe button has an id of "resubscribeButton" (id="resubscribeButton"), so that Totango can track it to resubscribe the user.

      You cannot save your HTML without button IDs.

  4. Other best practices for HTML:
    1. Only use linked images. Do not attach images to the code.
    2. Only use in-line styling. Do not include @media definitions.
    3. If you cannot see the preview it means that the HTML code cannot be parsed.
  5. Click Save.


Question: Will the new footer be presented on all campaigns?

Answer: No, the new footer settings only affects the newly created campaigns and does not disturb the ongoing and scheduled campaigns.

Question: Can I remove the unsubscribe link from all campaigns?

Answer: No, you cannot remove unsubscribe link within the default footer. As a best practice, you can only remove the unsubscribe link from one-off campaigns that are direct communications to customers.

Question: Is the unsubscribe request based on a user's email address?

Answer: Yes, it is based on the user's email address. Learn more about User Unsubscribe.

Question: I previously unsubscribed from a campaign, but now I want to start receiving the emails again. How do I resubscribe ?

Answer: Locate the last email you received, and click the Unsubscribe link. Based on your previous action, the page that appears should now include a Resubscribe button. Click the Resubscribe button, and your preferences will be updated.

Depending on the sender’s settings, a Resubscribe button may not be available. In that case, we recommend that you reply to the email to ask that the sender manually updates your subscription preferences.

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