User API

Who can use this feature?

  • Global admins
  • Available on all plans

The User API provides a programmatic interface to permanently remove a user profile from Totango. Use this API to automate data cleanup, or to comply with information removal requests from GDPR or equivalent privacy-frameworks.  

Users refer to end users of your application, not Totango platform users. 

Before you begin

  • You need your Totango API token key
  • Like all APIs, there is a global rate limit of 100 calls/minute for each token.
  • This delete action is IRREVERSIBLE! A deleted user information cannot be retrieved.
  • This API should not be used to mass delete a large set of users. To do that, please contact with your request. 

Delete a user

To delete a user, simply issue a DELETE request to the resource:<ACCOUNT-ID>/<USER-ID>

where USER-ID is the user-ID on Totango and ACCOUNT-ID is the account the user is associated with. 

 curl -X DELETE --header 'app-token:YOUR-TOKEN-HERE' '<ACCOUNT-ID>/<USER-ID>'

The API will return a 200 Success code  or 401 Unauthorized in case of invalid credentials. 

Note that it may take a few minutes for the delete to fully apply. 


Question: If the user is deleted from the account, does that user's activity stay associated to the account or is it lost?

Answer: Deleting a user means that it is no longer associated to any account and the account(s) will not contain a history of the user's previous activity. However, their activity will still be a part of historical usage aggregations and the number of activities from that user on the account(s) will remain.

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