SuccessPlay API

Who can use this feature?

  • Global admins
  • Available on all plans

Totango provides an API for triggering manual SuccessPlays in Totango from external systems. Manual SuccessPlays support the following Totango actions:

Use cases

Invoking the API can be done manually (e.g., a button in the external system's UI) or triggered based on external system criteria (e.g., an event is detected).

  1. Create a custom button in Salesforce. When a salesperson clicks the button, Totango runs a SuccessPlay that creates a task on the corresponding account or opportunity record in Totango. 
  2. When an event is detected in the external system (e.g., LinkedIn), Totango runs a SuccessPlay that requests the corresponding CSM to update their sentiment on the account.

Before you begin

  • The user setting up the API must be a Totango admin
  • You need your Totango API token key (personal access token or OAuth application*)
  • Like all APIs, there is a global rate limit of 100 calls/minute for each token
  • Account ID and SuccessPlay ID are required
  • The SuccessPlay referenced must be marked as manual and active
  • JSON format is supported for API calls

When leveraging OAuth applications for authentication, your OAuth application must have the “SuccessPlays: Trigger manual SuccessPlays” scope enabled.

Run manual SuccessPlay

Below is the cURL statement (POST request). 

  • Replace APP_TOKEN with your authentication token.
  • Replace {SuccessPlay-id} with the SuccessPlay ID, which you can find in the URL of any SuccessPlay (e.g., 66b6ea0c-e855-40a1-b875-d4dd96a58638).
  • Replace {account-id} with a Totango account ID.
curl -L ''
-H 'app-token: APP_TOKEN'
-H 'Content-Type: application/json'
-d '{
"successplayId": "{SuccessPlay-id}",
"accountId": "{account-id}"


If successful, the SuccessPlay will be triggered and the response returns the following: Success

If validation does not pass, the API returns one of the following responses:

  • User is not authorized with role: SERVICE_ADMIN
    • Response when the user attempting to authenticate is not an administrator
  • SuccessPlay not found
    • Response when the SuccessPlay ID does not exist or is not active
  • SuccessPlay is not configured as manual
    • Response when the SuccessPlay is not configured to be manually triggered
  • Account not found
    • Response when the account id is not found


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