Personal Access Token and Service ID

Totango provides you with the following for purposes of integrating with other systems:

  1. API personal access token
  2. Service ID
  3. OAuth applications (learn more)

Create a personal access token

This feature is in public beta.

Your personal access token is used to sync data into Totango via APIs or gain access to your Totango from third-party systems. You can create multiple tokens and revoke access as needed.

Personal access tokens are intended for personal use when writing scripts/applications that access Totango API. Protect them as you protect your password, as they provide the same access to your user account. Do not share them with anyone. If you plan to deploy your application elsewhere, use Totango OAuth Applications instead.

  1. From within Totango, click your profile icon and choose Edit Profile.
  2. From the Integration tab, click Create Token.
  3. In the New Token Details window, enter the following details:
    • Token Name: Choose a name to identify the token among others within your profile.
    • Expiration Time: Choose from 7, 30 60, 90 days, no expiration, custom
  4. Click Generate Token.

    A token is available to copy and paste directly into the third-party system.
  5. Click Close.

The token is available to edit (name and expiration) or delete if you need to revoke access.

Delete an access token

When you delete an access token, any applications or scripts using the token will no longer be able to access the Totango API.

  1. From within Totango, click your profile icon and choose Edit Profile.
  2. From the Integration tab, locate the token you want to remove.
  3. Click the Ellipses (...) and choose Delete Token.
  4. From the confirmation window, click Yes, Delete.

Find your Service ID

Your Service ID represents your unique Totango account. 

  1. From within Totango, click your profile icon.
  2. Make note of the service information, which is built out of three parts: SP-Service ID-Instance. For example, 250001 is the service ID of SP-25001-01.

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