Your API token key and Service ID

Totango provides you with the following for purposes of integrating with other systems:

  1. API token key
  2. Service ID

Find your API token key

Your API token key is used to sync data into Totango via APIs or gain access to your Totango from third-party systems.

Keep your Totango API Key safe! Only use it for third-party services you trust.

  1. From within Totango, click your profile icon and choose Edit Profile.
  2. From the Integration tab, click to copy the API token key.

Find your Service ID

Your Service ID represents your unique Totango account. 

  1. From within Totango, click your profile icon.
  2. Make note of the service information, which is built out of three parts: SP-Service ID-Instance. For example, 250001 is the service ID of SP-25001-01.

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