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Who can use this feature?

Optionally model your products in Totango within the account structure. A "product account" provides your teams with a dedicated profile view of product information, including usage, health, and the ability to roll up information to parent levels.

As an example, product usage within the 2 Customer Levels + Products model is typically set up in the following manner:

  • Parent account: The top-most account that may be responsible for multiple child accounts. Example: Acme
    • Child account: The account that uses one or more products. It is the parent of each product account. Example: Acme-France
      • Product account: A unique record to provide insight into how an account uses a particular product, including usage data. Example: Acme-France_ProductA
  • Product: The general record about each product. Any number of accounts can own a product, but each of those accounts would associate to the same Product ID. Example: ProductA

Add a new product

A product record includes basic information about a product. It must have a Product ID. 

Refer to this video for more details.

  1. From Settings, expand Data Management > Hierarchy Types.
  2. On the Product tab, click +New Product.
  3. Enter a product name.
  4. Optionally add a product logo. If you don't add a logo, Totango provides a thumbnail using a letter to represent the name.
  5. Enter a Product ID. You cannot change this ID later.  
  6. Click Save.

The Product ID can now be associated with the product account.


Configure product settings

Determine how product account IDs and search are managed. 

  1. From Settings, expand Data Management > Hierarchy Types.
  2. On the Product tab, set preferences for the following:
    • Accounts can own each product only once
      • On: Prevents accounts from owning the same product more than once. The product account ID will be automatically generated from Totango using the format accountID_productID
      • Off: Permits accounts to own the same product multiple times. The product account ID should be sent by you either from Salesforce or Javascript integration. 
    • Product accounts can be searched individually in the main search bar
      • On: Teams can search for product accounts and navigate to them like all other accounts.
        Example Yes
      • Off: Teams can access product accounts from the parent account profile.
        Example No

The setting is saved automatically.

Configure account type settings

Use this area to set preferences and view the account types and the number of accounts in use for each type. You cannot create new account types from global settings. 

  1. From Settings, expand Data Management > Hierarchy Types.
  2. On the Accounts tab, set your preference for whether or not to show account types within the new segment window.
    • On: All available account types will be available as quick shortcuts for creating account segments. The selected Account Type filter will automatically be applied to the segment.
    • Off: Only the "All Accounts" option appears in the window. Teams can still segment by account type using filters.

The setting is saved automatically.

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