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The widget within My Portfolio allows you to see total contract value and the number of accounts in your portfolio, including breakdown of health and changes within the last 14 days.


Define portfolio scope

The default scope of accounts that appear in your widget depends on the setting your admin has defined for the role you have within the current team. Adjusting the scope changes the values shown within the widget.

  1. Click the Settings button (gear icon) within the My Portfolio widget.

    If this button is not available to you, your administrator has chosen to lock your portfolio and has likely already chosen the scope that makes the most sense for your role.

  2. Within the Define portfolio scope box, click +More Filters to manually chose filters that will narrow the scope of accounts, such as "Contract Value > $25K." Or, click Reset to My Customers to automatically apply the filter "Account assignment members = <Your Name>."
  3. Click Save.

    The values within the widget update according to the matching accounts, plus any accounts that are pinned to your Attention tab.

View health breakdown

Click on the colors within the widget to see details of accounts that make up Good, Average, and Poor health. The health scoring within the widget will use one of two systems, chosen by your administrator.

Account health scoring

If account health models are used, the widget displays a Quality Score, which uses a weighted average of the selected account scope. Accounts with better health are worth more points:

  • Good = 100 points
  • Average = 60 points
  • Red = 40 points

The above example uses the following formula based on the account scope:
(100 x 0) + (60 x 2) + (40 x 34) / 36 accounts = 41
Accounts with unknown health are not included in the quality score calculation.

Multidimensional health scoring

If multidimensional health models are used, the widget uses a calculated score based on a weighting system; each dimension in the health profile has a unique weight. Weighting allows for more important dimensions to have a bigger influence on the total score.

This widget includes three cards to evaluate and click into for more details.
mceclip3.png mceclip4.png mceclip2.png

  1. Health overview: The first card shows the average score for all accounts in the portfolio scope. 
  2. Dimensions (risk): See aggregated health scores sorted by contract value at risk (ascending or descending). Expand each dimension for more details.
  3. Dimensions (scores): See aggregated health scores sorted by each dimension's health score (ascending or descending). Expand each dimension for more details.

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