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We want to hear from you! Send your feedback to us using the Totango Product Wishlist. Totango uses this tool to manage and prioritize feature requests. You can:

  • View open requests (no sign in required)
  • Submit and track your own requests
  • Vote on other requests.

We encourage you to upvote requests to help us to gauge demand for items.


Submit a request

You will need to sign in to submit requests to the wishlist

  1. Visit
  2. Click Log in / Sign up.
  3. Enter your email address, and click Next.
  4. If this is your first time here, add your name and click to Sign up.
  5. Click +Add new wishlist item.
  6. Fill in the relevant fields. Make sure your requests are clear and concise so others can vote on it. Feel free to attach links/docs or screenshot that can help us understand your request.
  7. Click Add wishlist item.

Comment on a wishlist item

You will need to sign in to comment on wishlist items

  1. From the wishlist, click to open details for an item.
  2. Click + Add comment to join the discussion.
  3. Type your comment, and click Post comment.
  4. Comments are viewable by all visitors.

Wishlist item lifecycle

New wishlist items are reviewed by the Totango product team on a monthly basis; we go over all requests and update the status where appropriate. Roadmapping meetings occur quarterly, and we review top requests to evaluate if these could go in our quarterly roadmap. 

Status Details
Under Initial Review This status indicates that the feature request is in the initial evaluation phase. The product team is reviewing the suggestion to understand its feasibility, potential impact, and alignment with the vision and roadmap.
Planned This status means that the product team has accepted the request and included it in their roadmap. It signifies a commitment to implementing the feature in a future release, though the specific timeline may not be determined at this stage.
In Progress The feature request is actively being worked on by the development team. This status indicates that the necessary coding, testing, and other implementation tasks are underway.
Released This status signifies that the feature has been successfully implemented, tested, and incorporated into a product release. Users can now access and utilize the new functionality. Released status will only be assigned to features in the General Availability (GA) status.
Not Currently Planned This status signifies that although we've acknowledged the feature request, there are no immediate plans for implementation within the next 6-9 months. The product team will reassess these requests quarterly, and any changes in their status will be promptly communicated to users who submitted or voted for these requests. There's no requirement to resubmit requests, but adding new use cases as comments would be beneficial for the product team's review.
Will Not Implement This status denotes a decision by the product team not to proceed with the suggested feature. This conclusion may be reached due to technical limitations, conflicting with the product vision, or other reasons.

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