Customer Data Hub API

The Totango Customer Data Hub API (REST API) is a simple, secure, JSON-based interface for creating and updating customer business data on the Totango DNA-CX Platform in a programmatic way.

The Totango Customer Data Hub API is intended for software developers. To use it you should be familiar with web programming and be comfortable creating applications that consume web services through HTTP requests. If this does not describe you, you can reach out to Totango Professional Services for more help.

The Totango Customer Data Hub API provides the following key capabilities:

  • Authentication via valid credentials
  • Single or batch account attribute creation and update
  • Single or batch user attribute creation and update
  • Result codes indicating progress status, success or failure

The Totango Customer Data Hub API is activated by default to all customers, and it can be used immediately.

For the OpenAPI specification, please refer to:

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