Totango overview

Totango is a composable customer success platform where you can design, build, run, and measure your entire customer journey lifecycle in one place. Manage your organization's entire customer portfolio, including accounts with complex hierarchy structures and multiple products. With outcome-first design, modular building blocks, and embedded intelligence, you can get up and running quickly.

Platforms and toolkits

Totango offers the following platforms and toolkits:

  • Spark: Customer success solution designed to help your team achieve their goals, monitor all customer health signals, and proactively engage at scale.
  • SuccessBLOCs: Customer journey toolkits to package and operationalize your company's best practices at different points of the customer journey. Start with your most critical business priority first, and grow into broader customer success initiatives.
  • Zoe: Enable customer centricity across the company. Enable all customer-facing teams to proactively impact your customers’ experience.
  • DNA-CX: Dynamic, schema-less active customer index technology that is at the core of all our products. Connect all customer data streams, including financial, product usage, support tickets, touchpoints, users, customer feedback, and more.
  • Totango Shield: Totango is ISO and Privacy Shield Certified and GDPR Ready. Security and privacy to protect your customer data are built into the foundation of Totango.

Totango also includes mobile apps for iOS and Android.

What you need to know

Totango includes multiple packages to grow with your business:

  • Community: For individuals and startups. Free forever!
  • Starter: Great for teams with more customers who want best practice support
  • Growth: Data-driven automation and collaboration for businesses needing to scale
  • Enterprise: Comprehensive enterprise-grade control, security, and customization

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