Configure a ZoomInfo integration

Who can use this feature?

ZoomInfo provides data on businesses, based on email addresses, phone numbers, company type, industry, and more. A ZoomInfo integration with Totango allows you to:

  1. View Zoominfo information for your customers on the Account profiles within the external links
  2. Create alerts (via SuccessPlay), such as when a key contact changes jobs or leaves their organization

Request a ZoomInfo integration

A ZoomInfo integration with Totango requires special configuration via professional services with a Totango Customer Success Engineer.

You must already have a ZoomInfo account prior to using this integration.

  1. In Totango, click Settings from the left nav.
  2. Expand Data Management > Customer Data Hub.
  3. From the list of active connectors (left), choose Data Enrichment.
  4. From the list of available connectors, hover over ZoomInfo, and click Connect.
  5. In the form, defaults populate for your name, email, topic, and description of request. You may modify any of the details prior to submitting or reset the form.
  6. Click Submit a Request.

A Totango Customer Success Engineer will contact you to discuss next steps.


Question: How long does it typically take to configure?

Answer: Depending on scheduling, turnaround time is typically one week.

Question: Does the professional service configuration incur a fee?

Answer: Not at this time. 

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