Retroactively calculate health

Who can use this feature?

Anytime you make a change to an active health model (multidimensional or account health), Totango automatically recalculates health from that point forward. You can optionally tell Totango to also calculate past health according to the current health configuration for up to 180 days*.

*Historical health can be calculated only from the date the current model was activated.

Recalculate health

When recalculating health, here will be no health based notifications for the recalculated period, while health based automation will remain (like, SuccessPlays or email campaigns).

  1. From the active health model, click Recalculate Health.
  2. In the Recalculate Health window, select the data you'd like to recalculate from.
  3. Click Recalculate Health.
  4. If you have a large account base, it may take several hours to complete retroactive health calculations. You can monitor the health recalculation job in the Data Calculations & Process page (Data Management > Data Modeler > Data processing link).

When the process is complete, the health widget on the account profile displays the updated history on the timeline. 

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