Enable Outlook calendar integration

Who can use this feature?

Configure an Outlook calendar integration to allow your teams to sync their Outlook calendar with Totango. Once enabled globally, each Totango user can optionally turn on / off a connection with their own Outlook calendar from within their Totango user profile.

Once your team members connect, the integration will:

  1. Automatically find any meetings with Totango contacts in the next 30 days.
  2. Create a corresponding task in Totango for each upcoming meeting.
  3. Sync changes from Outlook calendar, such as a meeting getting rescheduled, into Totango.

Team members must have an Outlook365 account to use this integration.

Enable Outlook calendar integration (global setting)

Enabling/disabling Outlook calendar integration is a global action for all teams. Once enabled, your team members can find a new option in their user profile to connect.

Once enabled, you can disable the calendar integration globally at anytime.

  1. In Totango, click Settings from the left nav.
  2. Expand Data Management > Customer Data Hub.
  3. From the list of active connectors (left), choose Workspace Tools.
  4. From the list of available connectors, hover over Outlook Calendar, and click Connect (or View Integration).
  5. From the integration screen, choose Enable Outlook Calendar.

The integration is enabled, and users can now individually connect their calendars.

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