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Velina Chekelova

I am creating a template with dynamic data as a monthly reporting to our customers. Each month they should receive an email with the data from the just finished month, the month before that and the deltas between the data. 
As headers I am using "previous month"... But what would be the name of the month before that? 
So "previous month" now would be September and what would be the name of the dynamic data piece for August? (I can only also find "current month" but I need the name for the month two months ago)

The plan is to set the campaign up once now and to send it out always on the 1st of every month.



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    Dynamic data data in campaigns pulls from a variety of data points (e.g., account attributes, user attributes, account metrics, user actions, rollup metrics). For this "time" category, current month and previous month are the options available. Please add a wishlist item for including more options! https://wishlist.totango.com

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