Ability to send 'Notify Team' and other SuccessPlay Actions Up One Level of Hierarchy Answered

Costen Hickman

In the initial SuccessPlay setup screen, there is a checkbox: 'apply the SuccessPlay on the immediate parent' that only works for 'Create a Task' and 'Request Information' actions. All 4 other options are not available for use. 



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    The actions that are available for a play depend on the trigger. Additional considerations apply for event based objects.

    • If the play uses a manual trigger, actions for the play are limited to create task and request information.
    • If the play uses an event based trigger only, you can choose the object that you want to run the play for (accounts or users). User objects limits actions to create a task, request information, and call a webhook.
    • See more on additional considerations for task/request for information actions with regard to hierarchy (account objects) or task creation preferences (user objects): https://support.totango.com/hc/en-us/articles/360033300652-Create-SuccessPlays

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