Where can I see all the data for the Accounts? Answered

Velina Chekelova

Right now we are submitting data to our accounts on a monthly basis as well as daily. We submit data on "Current Month" and "Previous Month". Does the data get deleted then, or is it stored in the account? Is there a way for me to access the data from "two months ago"?



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    Sean Maguire

    Hi Velina - This may not be what you're after here and I'll defer to the Totango team if there's a better path, but it is possible today to see an Audit Log for past values on individual attributes at individual accounts. 

    To do so, load the relevant account profile page, from the OVERVIEW tab click the ALL sub-tab, scroll or filter for the attribute you want, then click the little graph icon on the right side of the page.

    This pulls up an Audit log for all individual values and changes to that attribute that have occurred.

    I am not aware of a way to do this via the segment engine nor to review multiple accounts or attributes together all at once (and am fairly certain no such way currently exists). Either way, hope this helps in case you didn't already know and good luck!



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