How do I change the Account name? Answered

A customer hast gone through a rebranding including changing their name. How do I change the Account name in Totango, so the reportings I send out include the correct name? 




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    JJ Skudlarczyk
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    Hi Velina,

    You can change an account name by doing the following:


    -Be sure the "Name" is set to editable in the Data Modeler

     -Click the hamburger icon in the upper left>down to settings>Data Management>Data Modeler

     -In the search bar to the right search for "Name". It should be under the Account Identity Dimension

     -Click on the "Name" attribute to enter the editing and information page

     -Under the "Source" heading, you will see a checkbox for "Editability: Can be edited in Totango" Ensure this box is checked. 


    -Navigate to the account page you wish to change, go to the "All" Tab

    -Search for the "Name Attribute" in the search bar to the right

    -Hover over the "Name" attribute and you will see a Pencil icon indicating "edit" to the right of the name. Click the Pencil Icon

    -Change the name to the desired name and choose "Save"

    -You should see the change happen quickly in the "All" tab but it may take a refresh to update the page heading. 


    Here is a short video of the process as explained above -

    If you have Integrations like Salesforce or HubSpot, ensure the name is changed in those applications as well before any new syncs take place. If you bring in Data through CSV, ensure the name is changed appropriately and is matched with the appropriate account ID. For any assistance with the integration changes feel free to join one of our Data Ask Me Anything Live Webinars hosted by our Customer Support Engineering team. 

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    Velina Chekelova

    Thank you, that was extremely helpful!


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