Allow to complete a success play tasks with one click



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    Product Team


    Thanks for the idea - let me send it to our team and get some ideas as to the quickest path here.


    --Product Team

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  • Luke Johnson

    Big +1 here. There are some tasks that require a follow-up touchpoint and all that good stuff.

    Others, it'd be great if the team could just click once and say done. This would encourage a lot more usage. I recently toned back some of our processes due to lack of usage from the team.

    I think a single click option would open things up nicely.

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  • Roni Feldsher

    Thanks for the vote! I am not sure if we haven't set it up correctly or what, but we see CSMs marking the task complete and creating a touchpoint just to say "done". As a result, the timeline gets cluttered with redundant touchpoints which also sync to SFDC and clutter the activity view. So similar to you we need to re-evaluate and potentially scale back some of these plays.

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  • Sylvia Heiniger

    This feature would be helpful! +1 

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