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Amy Wilson

Hi Just wondering if it is possible to bulk update tasks. i.e. bunch of NPS scores received incorrectly. Each individual person with the client has a follow up NPS detractor/promoter task set. Once I have confirmed with the client or had a web meeting with the group want to be able to bulk tick the action for each person and add a note that I spoke with them and then tick it off as complete rather than having to go into each person and complete the task and write the exact same note. Is this possible or do I need to put in a feature request? 




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    This functionality does not currently exist in the UI today, but you could accomplish this via a local file upload. There is a whishlist item related to this request (PW-I-516). Your use case may be nuanced, so perhaps vote on this item and include a comment for enhancement, or please submit a separate wishlist item to capture a different scope. Thanks!

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