Allow adding task effort to all tasks and not just tasks assigned to a dynamic assignment pool



  • Ravit Danino

    Thank you Mike.

    IN the future we might decide to manage task effort in a more detailed way . AT this point the focus of task efort was mainly to help with digital cases when a CSM manage many cnot named accounts,

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  • Orit Gilad

    We really need a feature that measures the efforts and time spent by each person handling the customer, for each task they close and by account  parameters (by the customer $ contract products they have/ the health and risk level). Management wants to quantify the time and efforts spent to be able to assess that the right amount of time (not more than required) and to verify that the 20% that have lower $ value do not use 80% of the success manager's time .  I understand this feature is not in the road map, but we are adding more people to TT and need to quantify the time they spend also on support and tickets for the accounts, the time for QBR/ meetings/ tasks / preparations it takes in Minutes/ hours not days till the task is closed. 

    This feature will be an asset to any manager that wants to make sure the account is getting the right attention and the time spent on each account is proportionate to the scope of work the success managers have as well as to the $ contract of the customer. 

    I hope other users in the community support this, since today we do not have any way to determine this and it is important for the success manager as well as for the management, beyond closing tasks.  

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