Gmail/Outlook Plugin for Touchpoints/Tasks



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    Ravit Danino


    Thank you for the input. you can achieve the creations of a touchpoint from an email client by creating an email and This will guarantee for you the same level of efficiency you described.

    see more here:


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  • Matt Harmon


    The touchpoint via CC isn't a viable option.  If a contact is on multiple accounts, this will break the flow and not work as needed.  In some cases, outlook is a different email address than is used in Totango and as a result, the touchpoint is logged on the wrong account and you can't fix it or wont get logged.  

    Having an Outlook/Gmail widget allows for a flow of a CSM to send an email, click on the widget to identify the customer they want to have to TP logged on.  Furthermore, other platforms have a catalogue of Templates that you can choose from that will populate in Outlook/Gmail and a CSM can modify as needed and include account information to the customer.  This workflow makes a High Touch CSMs activity more efficient and productive.

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  • Daniel

    Yes! This would be amazing. 
    For example we use HubSpot and they have a plugin for chrome which lets you track emails to a contact record whenever we send the customer an email from gmail. Works really well.
    They also have an integration at the HubSpot account level where you can connect your gmail so that it will also see the response from the customer to track and log it against their contact record.
    It would be great if Totango had this for Touchpoints.

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