Gmail/Outlook Plugin for Touchpoints/Tasks



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    Ravit Danino


    Thank you for the input. you can achieve the creations of a touchpoint from an email client by creating an email and This will guarantee for you the same level of efficiency you described.

    see more here:


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  • Matt Harmon


    The touchpoint via CC isn't a viable option.  If a contact is on multiple accounts, this will break the flow and not work as needed.  In some cases, outlook is a different email address than is used in Totango and as a result, the touchpoint is logged on the wrong account and you can't fix it or wont get logged.  

    Having an Outlook/Gmail widget allows for a flow of a CSM to send an email, click on the widget to identify the customer they want to have to TP logged on.  Furthermore, other platforms have a catalogue of Templates that you can choose from that will populate in Outlook/Gmail and a CSM can modify as needed and include account information to the customer.  This workflow makes a High Touch CSMs activity more efficient and productive.

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