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Krutika Mathihalli

I'm wanting to use Totango as a way of driving customer communications (emails around newsletters, product releases, announcements, etc)

I needed information/help in answering some of my questions

  1. What are the best practices for ensuring the emails are compliant with policies like GDPR? 
  2. Can customers only unsubscribe from ALL communications, or is their preference selective? (Ex: only opt-out of announcements, but still subscribe to product release information)
  3. What has your experience been in handling huge customer databases/information that had to be migrated from another tool into Totango? ex: opt-out list, etc.

It would help to have all customer emails go through Totango so our success managers can view touchpoints. These extra points will help in creating hollistic campaigns. 

Thank you!




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    Hey Krutika,

    Thank you for your question. I am a PM here at Totango and will do my best to answer all of your questions. But this is a detailed topic and can hardly be answered comprehensively here. If you have more questions, please set up a time with your CSM or the Sales team for more in-depth conversations.

    1. The most important step for emails to be compliant is to have a documented consent from your users before sending emails. This has to be done from within your application or when users sign up. Within Totango, we take user privacy seriously and have built-in mechanisms to comply with GDPR requirements. You can read about them here and here. We use Sendgrid as our email backbone and you can read about their policies related to GDPR here.
    2. We also maintain the user unsubscribe list, so you only email users who have not unsubscribed. We only support a single unsubscribe link. Users who unsubscribe are unsubscribed from all email campaigns.
    3. I will let a different customer answer this, but Totango is built for scale and has robust data connectors to bring any data in.

    Totango's emails campaigns are more powerful than any other standard marketing tool because of all the data you can bring in and Totango's powerful and flexible segmentation capabilities. This rich data lets you personalize and target customers increasing relevance resulting in industry-beating open rates. The last time I looked at the data, the average open rates across our customer's campaigns stood at ~35%. So yes, consolidating email campaigns to customers from Totango is definitely recommended 😄!




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