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  • Jennie Hayes

    I 100% agree with this post. 

    Here is how I see it: 

    We have the overarching "Success Team" which includes our Success Managers, Engagement Managers, Solution Managers, Renewal Managers, and Onboarding Managers. This "Success Team" defines the overall Customer Journey through "Canvas," the overall company metrics on "Score Cards," and overall general campaigns that get sent. Our people need to see these items and get the overall overview that is expected for "success" with our customers BUT they do not need to see ALL of the account information, and finding particular account details can only be seen based on sub-team assignment. This is where SUBTEAM would come into play: 

    Sub-Teams would help us segment what needs to be seen, and limit the views of individuals and teams on what they should be seeing. Sub-Teams would help us further define more customized "journeys," Campaigns," and "Scorecards" that the TEAM needs to evaluate. 

    For Example, our Industry Solution Managers could have a sub-team. They see the overall company team metrics to evaluate, but their focus is on (i.e. Construction). Construction accounts would have a defined journey" with SuccessPlays and Campaigns targeting that group. KPI expectations for those customers would appear under "Score Cards," AND those managers would only see accounts assigned to them under that sub-team. 

    I can certainly explain this a bit better, but this would be our use case. I'm sure contributors could put their input here also on their use case. 

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