Automatically create a new success play when a previous one is completed.



  • Matt Harmon

    Agreed.  We have many success plays that end in a field being updated and that triggers the next.  If we could fire off the next based on the completed success play.  

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  • Vijay

    Kristin and Matt when you say a previous SuccessPlay was completed do you mean all the tasks within it are completed? 

    If not you can use the "targeted by SuccessPlay" query term to chain Play execution.

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  • Kristin Hallas

    Vijay, Thanks for the response.  I am not following.  Basically sometimes we have tasks within a success play that might get assigned to different roles.  Sometimes those can be deployed simultaneously but other times one needs to be completed before the second one is fired.  

    Today to do this, we are setting up separate success plays and during the completion of the first success play we would ask a question (attribute) and use that as a trigger when creating the segment for the next success play. So that second success play won't fire until the first one is complete.

    What I would like to have happen. Is that I could have one play and have many tasks within that play but allow them to fire off one getting complete.  i.e. Task 1 is completed now fire Task 2 etc.

    I tried searching for targeted by success play in the community but not finding an article to understand what that would do as I also didn't find anything that states this in a success play.

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