How do I turn off "___ assigned a task for you related to ___" emails? Answered

Mirabella Garrett

One of the main ways my team uses Totango is to run SuccessPlays that automatically assign internal Tasks for each customer. Due dates are based on how long the customer has been in our onboarding pipeline (i.e. Task 1 on Day 1, Task 2 on Day 18, etc). So far, I've gotten an email for every assigned Task every time I get a new customer. I have unchecked all Notifications on my Totango account, but I still get these emails. I will be checking Totango daily for a high volume of clients, so these emails are unnecessary. Can I turn them off?



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    Totango users can manage individual notification preferences by editing their profiles. I suspect the reason you continued to receive notifications is that your global admin may have enforced notifications for tasks. In those cases, it's recommended to reach out to your admin and request a change to the policy.

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