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  • Vijay

    Francisco thanks for posting. I am working on a series of Out of box reports that will be valuable and will add this to that list. Can you share a little bit more on what do you do with such a report?

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  • Francisco Alonso


    1. With that report I will be able to detect any problems if any campaign was not sent on daily basis or any period of time we establish. We do have several campaigns active and more to come, and checking one by one takes unnecessary amount time.

    2. Then, I wish to have that information by mail, only one mail for all the campaigns, no matter if the campaigns are in different Success Blocs.

    Hope this helps

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  • Matt Harmon

    Also, being able to see all the digital campaigns we've sent as a whole to show impact.  It' great that I can show it at a campaign level, but ability to create a report showing that in the Month we've send X emails across Y journeys and our metrics are Z% Open, ...

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