Fallbacks for Success Manage in Successplays



  • Ravit Danino

    Currently the fallback for a CSM is the successplay owner. there is no different fallback for every task. what are your thoughts ?

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  • Matt Harmon

    Can the fall back be set to a pool of Success Managers or add the feature to allow a fall back person.

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  • Sean Maguire

    Is there any update here?

    Ideally, it would be VERY helpful for us to be able to configure the play to behave a specific way if the Assigned To role cannot be found / mapped to a valid and active Totango user account. 

    So, if the play is configured to assign to a CSM, but the CSM mapped to the account is not currently a valid and active Totango user, let the SuccessPlay owner decide within the configuration of the play itself how best to respond.


    It might look something like this:

    1) If Assigned To person in Role-A is not found, assign task instead to Role-B / Pool-X (as Matt requested above)

    2) Do not assign any Tasks / take no action at all

    3) Attempt assignment again after X days have passed

    4) Assign to SP owner for manual review (this is the only possible option today)


    Context: We have a few hundred tasks mistakenly assigned to SuccessPlay owner and the numbers keep growing (since CSM data is often provided with our account role data, but that CSM doesn't always yet have a valid / Active Totango user profile).

    Would appreciate deployment of new configuration options to improve our experience as SuccessPlay owners. 

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