Ability to Make Global Segments Not Editable



  • Sean Maguire

    Danielle's use case above seems to be: User1 creates a Global segment and marks it as Public, but then is also granted a new option to classify it as read-only. Visible to other users, still available to those other users for making copies / clones, just not editable directly... They can use it and borrow it, but not make changes or overwrite the original. It's Public, and read-only.

    That would be a great start, but would also be great having the ability to have a subset of Totango users who CAN edit the source segment in partnership with the owner.

    For example: User1 creates a Public and Read-Only segment, but wants to grant edit permission to other members of their team. User1 should have the option to "share" ownership with other collaborators like User2, User3, and User4... each of whom can all edit it just like User1 can, and all while other Totango users (UserX...UserX+N) cannot do that and see it as Read-only.

    Those types of granular permission options would be a big help for Global segments.

    Less useful, but still would help: The ability to mark a segment as Private but still be able to share it with a subset of chosen users. Essentially, in addition to the current settings of Private and Public for global segments, offer a new type such as "Somewhat Private." The segment would be "Private to Group" versus today's only options of  "Private to Individual" or "Public to Everyone."

    Thanks for your consideration. The ability to have a Public, but Read-Only segment in Global as Danielle requested would be a nice start if the other suggestions I've added here prove to be more technically complex to deliver

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  • Danielle Young

    I second all of the items listed from Sean! 

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