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Hi! I am having issues with getting data for custom fields that we have in Totango. I follow this instructions and it is working for sample data but we store some data in custom fields as well.

I do not know how pass them into data parameter. For example we have custom field for `timestamp`, how can I use it in part for query? Can I query all possible data without writing them in API call?

{"type":"string","term":"health","field_display_name":"Health rank "},
{"type":"health_trend","field_display_name":"Health last change "},
{"type":"string_attribute","attribute":"Success Manager","field_display_name":"Success Manager"}


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    Amit Bluman
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    You can fetch and query every field Totango store using Search API.
    I assume that the 'timestamp' field is your own custom field sent to Totango.
    This is an example of how to use 'timestamp' as a query term and as a field:

    BTW, the easiest way to create a search query is to use the Totango UI and copy the resulting API call.
    Follow these to copy the API endpoint: 

    1. Create a new segment.
    2. Add filters & columns to match your desired search parameters.
    3. Generate the API endpoint and copy the code

    Hope that's helpful,


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