Add additional CSAT questions



  • Matt Harmon

    Agreed, multiple fields would be great

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  • Vijay

    Matt and Mike,

    Thanks for posting... Is it more valuable to have a separate Survey type with custom questions or is the ability to include additional questions in an existing CSAT survey more beneficial?

    Would these questions be to further understand their experience for which the CSAT was sent? If so, the reasons that we ask the user is not sufficient?



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  • Ryan Lehman

    +1 to the above. Generally speaking, having more flexibility with the CSAT survey would be great. For example, it would be ideal if a user can rate their overall experience 1-5 but we could ask subsequent questions asking them to rate additional areas as well (ex: how comfortable are you with the product? how was your CSM? etc.). This would allow for a more robust understanding of customer sentiment.

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