Email to new users in an account



  • Vijay

    Hey Cobus,

    How about using these kinds of criteria? There can be many ways and depends on your data...

    1. User create date in the last x days(for e.g 1-3) and "Not targeted by" current campaign x
    2. First Activity Date in the last x days (for e.g. 1-3) and "Not targeted by" current campaign x 



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  • Cobus Theunissen

    Thanks Vijay,

    I guess option 1 requires my user records to have a create date... I don't have that information in my data model

    And option 2 requires the user to have activity, but I would like to send the email regardless of activity (potentially to get them to have a first activity!)

    I was hoping that there was some internal method to know when a user was added.

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