Average Rollup should not count the parent in the denominator



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    Amit Bluman

    I wanted to update that this enhancement is coming soon.
    So if the parent has no value it will not be counted in the average rollup. 

    Stay tuned...

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  • Amit Bluman

    Thanks, this is an important point.
    The logic of the scenario when the parent has its own value is aligned, I think we should treat the scenario where the parent has no contribution to the value and not include it in the denominator by adding specific settings to treat it. 

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  • Robert Nilsson

    What ever happened to this capability?  It's not possible to have "no value" at a parent for calculated fields, so that logic is not helpful.  Was this ever added as a setting?  I can't find it, and you make it sound like it was near term a year ago.

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